About Us

The "Sweet Shop" at 994 Los Altos Avenue is a brand new addition for our community and the neighborhood, but it has always been some what of a "sweet spot" in North Los Altos for over 60 years. It's a historical landmark for many. In the 1940's it started as Santa Rita Food Shop on Santa Rita Avenue, which is now known as Los Altos Avenue. Over the years the business changed hands with ownership and different families operated a local market. To read some more interesting history on the shop please click here for a great article from the Town Crier.

In the late 1960's the location was known as "Foodland" and established itself as the neighborhood local mini-market. The children at the local schools frequented Foodland for their after school candy fixes and neighbors purchased basic food items. Stacy Savides Sullivan was one of those local kids who grew up in Los Altos and visited Foodland after school.

Stacy had always been a huge fan of frozen yogurt since it appeared in the 1970's. Her favorite being Yogurt Park in Berkeley, which she claims actually invented the stuff. She attended UC Berkeley for her undergrad and continued her passion for frozen yogurt and also fell in love with cinnamon bears in Berkeley, which are her personal favorites today.

Fast forward to 2008, the building located at 994 Los Altos Avenue sat empty on the market gathering dust and cobwebs for about 4 years. Stacy, her husband Peter, and their 2 boys, who live close-by, saw an opportunity to create a special place for the neighborhood and the wider community. Their intent was to revamp the old market from the past and create a charming local shop where people could gather and the Los Altos tradition of the little neighborhood shop would live on. The Sweet Shop concept was born.

Our Location:
  994 Los Altos Ave, Los Altos, CA  
Need Directions...pick your pleasure > by car?by bus?by bike?

The Sullivan family purchased the property with a dream in mind. It took a few years of working with the city of Los Altos, the community, and designers to create something "just right" that would blend in beautifully with the quaint North Los Altos neighborhood. After 2 years of development, construction, design and appreciation for the tiniest of details...the Sweet Shop finally opened on August 26, 2009. It has the best of the essences and simplicity from the past, and now offers our community, young and old, a place to enjoy for the future. The shop represents new ideas around community, green building concepts, organic and natural food/products, and philanthropy. The Sweet Shop is a new place for the community to gather and to create new stories for our children for years to come.

Oh, and the best part is that all proceeds will go to the local public schools! We want very much to give back to our community and to support the education of our children. We are also using natural products and eco friendly supplies wherever possible, including solar energy. Finally, we are partnering with local suppliers across the board for all of our products.

We hope to see you at the Sweet Shop!

Hours of Operation:

Closed Mondays
Tuesday - Friday: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Saturday: 10:30am - 5:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am - 5:00pm