The Sweet Shop donates all proceeds to local schools!

Giving Back Locally

We are a community sweet store with heart and the best part is all proceeds will support the local schools! 100% of our tips are donated to local schools. Any proceeds from the shop’s sales after operating and support costs will go to local schools. With continuing budget cuts for our children’s education, we want to ensure our community’s children continue to receive the best education for their futures.

Our Community Involvement

Giving Back to Our Schools

All proceeds from sales and 100% of our tips are donated to support our local schools!



Little Free Library

Little Free Library

We have partnered with the Los Altos School District to bring a
Little Free Library to the children in our community. How does it work? Stop by and take whatever book catches your fancy, return books to any Little Library and feel free to contribute your own books. Pay it forward!


Dog FriendlyDog Friendly...of course!

Sit, Stay, Play? All three are OK with us! If you didn't know already, the Sweet Shop has a cool outdoor dog friendly patio. Some of our canine friends have a hard time walking by the Sweet Shop without stopping by for a treat from
Five Paw Bakery
. There is plenty of room for our furry friends and free water for all those on their walks!




Sustainable Practices & Design

Our shop was designed to utilize as little negative impact as possible on the local community and environment. Our mission is to meet our customer needs while, at the same time, respecting our environment.

  • All of our disposable cups, plates, napkins, straws, candy bags and spoons are biodegradable and/or compostable made with potato, sugar or corn.
  • Coffee grounds from our shop are free to our customers to use in their own gardens or in their own compost bins. We even use some of the grounds for our acid loving plants in the courtyard garden.
  • Our parking area is constructed with permeable concrete which absorbs rainwater from the building roof and paving, as well as oils from the autos. This will prevent run off onto the street and eventually into our creeks and the bay, minimizing silt and pollutants into the bay. All other storm water drainage is piped to drywells on our site, this minimizes off site run off.
  • Our roof has solar panels to generate much of our electricity and eliminate our impact on the environment.
  • Our two operable skylights were installed to rely on natural lighting and ventilation as much as much as possible. Fluorescent ambient lighting is used throughout the shop.
  • Our water is purified by Source One for all of our appliances; our customers can be assured of the cleanest water possible in all products.
  • Our customer’s bathroom includes a Toto's leading edge low water EMAX flushing toilet, again conserving water. An Electrical Hand Dryer was installed to eliminate paper waste.
  • The wall and floor tile are made of recycled materials and naturally renewable materials made primarily from silica sand, an abundant natural resource.
  • Our landscaped garden includes mostly drought resistant plants. The landscape irrigation system is a combination drip and low volume spray heads and the entire system is also equipped with ground moisture sensors that will allow the system to apply water only when the soil is dry and plants are in need of irrigation.
  • Our beautiful court fountain provides the appearance of "natural pond" with sculptural frogs, birds and a hippopotamus to convey a message to children that nature is to be appreciated. We hope this sparks a subconscious interest from our younger generation to learn more about the more natural world.
  • Our candy jars are made of glass to ensure non toxicity to the raw candy. The jar lids are
    handmade locally.